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 Computer class
Tuesday mornings computer class
John Studies hard on  his
John hard at work

Studying hard at computer class
Fran and June hard at it


Community spirit is alive and thriving in Waterfoot as residents, churchgoers and children got together to help plant a brighter future.

Regenerating and rejuvenating Edgeside Park is the key goal of Edgeside and District Residents Association (ESDRA).

June Disley 

Growing a brighter future: Eight-year-old Caitlan Lord gets
help from Edgeside Baptist member June Disley to plant up
the park entrance at Edgeside Park.


Edgeside Park gets a tidy

Edgeside Park

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The building work started last  summer on the redevelopment of the buildings. The first stage was to put a new roof on the hall and what is to become the new kitchen.

The work was done by Rosslee of Accrington